Hi There!

I’m Lindsey and I’m part of a massive movement of people on a mission to inspire others to take ownership of their own health journey!

I’m a wife and a mom of two girls, ages 8 & 10, living in Geneva, IL.

My mission? I’m all about finding simple solutions for myself and my family in an effort to help make a greater impact on the health of ourselves, our children and future generations.

Eeeeks. Quite a task, right?!  Let’s back up a bit…

You see, as a young child, I remember thinking that having a headache once a week was normal. I was labeled as “big-boned” when my parents would talk to other adults and I always wondered *why* I didn’t look like other girls in my class. I was definitely heavier than most and I was taller than most of the boys & girls in my class as well.  I definitely had some pretty-darn awkward years and I’ll never forget the day that my doctor told me to “hold my weight” until high school.  At 9 years old, I had no idea what that even meant and I’m pretty sure that my parents were clueless as to how to help too. The statement made me feel embarrassed and ashamed.

In high school, I remember taking a *required* Health Education class during my freshman year.  Not only did I find out that I had a pretty amazing grip strength, but I was hooked on learning the classroom information presented to us.  This simple class sparked an added desire and passion to learn about health, healing, food, movement and the body.  In my Senior year of High School, I was inspired to take a Food Science and Nutrition class, that which later led me to begin a major in Nutritional Science while attending Michigan State University.

I will always remember the day that I came to the conclusion that my journey and love for learning more in detail on the subject was meant to remain as a “personal passion” for me, myself & I.  My heart was led to challenge healing in a different manner and not via a standard guideline of rules and restrictions.  In my late 20’s, my heart would lead me to the opportunity to share health, hope & healing with others.  …Getting to the root of the issue, if you will.  It has been my gift, my blessing and my legacy to instill hope & healing into others and I get to choose to do this each and everyday.  There is only one truth in this world and that truth is love.  There is love and there is the absence of love.  I choose love and I am rooting for you. I am rooting for your family. I am rooting for your friends and loved ones.  Most importantly…

I am rooting for the future. 

Join me in my mission to help heal humanity.

True health is not a number on a scale

True health is about creating sustainable health through food & lifestyle choices. When I learned that our genes are NOT our destiny, I felt alive with hope. Not only for myself, but for the health of my unborn children and the family I always pictured I would have.

This information allowed me to feel a sense of empowerment, knowing that I could make small changes in my everyday habits; one simple change at a time. The truth is that we can change the course of our path at any given moment. It is up to us, however, as to when we are open to making those changes.